Trillions of ants live on this planet. You see hundreds each day. Have you ever thought about how dangerous they are? Yes, some ant species are more dangerous than others. You need to know them when you see them. Here are the top four deadliest ants around the world.

Siafu Ant

Image via Flickr by Robin Hutton

You may know this breed by a different name. It’s the army ant. You’re more likely to see these creatures in Europe and Central Africa. You’ll know them due to their distinctive appearance. They have giant cutting jaws above their heads. These jaws help the ants eat almost anything.

Army ants are legendary for their pack mentality. Since they hunt in large groups, they destroy anything that gets in their way. It’s like a moving pack of scissors.

Pony Ant

Don’t let the cute name fool you. Pony ants aren’t aggressive by nature, but they are extremely dangerous. The sting of a pony ant can debilitate smaller creatures. The good news is that they won’t attack you unless you do something to disrupt the colony. That’s why you should stay away from any pony ant mound that you see.

You can recognize pony ants by their heads. Most of them are either green or blue. Some have an oddly metallic tone. You’re most likely to find pony ants in Australia, particularly Queensland.

Fire Ant

If you feel overwhelmed by ants, you’re probably facing a colony of fire ants. These ants are red in color and prolific in nature. They’re one of the most prevalent ant types on the planet. You’ll find them in huge numbers in China, Taiwan, the United States, and Australia.

As if their ubiquity weren’t a big enough issue, fire ants have a devastating bite. If you fall victim to one, you’ll feel a sharp pain and may need medical treatment. The Food and Drug Administration estimates that Americans spend $5 billion annually on fire ant treatment.

Fire ants use mounds as their homes. If you see one, make sure not to disrupt it. Otherwise, you could suffer several bites in a short period. These injuries are painful enough on their own. They’re much worse if you’re allergic to ants.

Bulldog Ant

While the other ants listed here are undoubtedly dangerous, the bulldog ant is the worst of the bunch. These ferocious creatures are only an inch long, but their venom is devastating. Scientists believe that these bugs evolved from wasp-like beings. This explains their appearance as well as their level of threat. It also shows that ants are really old.

Bulldog ants look like wingless wasps. They also have jagged pincers and huge eyes. Most bulldog ants are dark in color. You’re most likely to see a colony in New Zealand or the coast of Australia. If you do see it, you should turn and run. Guinness World Records lists the creature as the most dangerous ant in the world. That’s all you need to know about how much it can hurt you.

You clearly don’t want to mess with any of these types of ants. Now that you can identify them, you should save yourself a lot of bites and stings.