If you’re a movie lover, you may have noticed there are a wide variety of films that feature ants. From Marvel’s “Ant-Man” to Pixar’s “A Bug’s Life,” ants are everywhere on the silver screen. However, despite their popularity in modern film, there are countless ways Hollywood gets ants wrong. In fact, the ants you see in movies are often very different from ants in reality.

Learn about a few ways Hollywood gets ants wrong and discover the truth about these fascinating insects.


One of the biggest ways Hollywood gets ants wrong is in terms of flying. In movies, it’s typically only the female ants that are given wings. In reality, both male and female ants can have wings if they are in the reproductive phase of their lifespan. In addition, once ants have mated, their wings fall off a short time after. Generally, ants are only able to fly for a short period of time.

How Hollywood Gets Ants Wrong
Image via Flickr by Ozzy Delaney

How Ants Talk

Another very common way in which film and television shows misrepresent ants is in terms of their antennae. For one, ants in movies almost always have their antennae in the wrong place, above and behind the eyes. Second, the way ants use their antennae is usually shown incorrectly.

When you see a movie featuring ants, their antennae will typically be depicted functioning exactly like ears, or in some cases, a radio antenna. The reality is that ants actually communicate using chemicals. Ant bodies contain a variety of glands that excrete different chemicals that allow them to differentiate friend from foe, and to help their fellow ants find food.

While ants do use their antennae for communication, they do so in a much different way than is shown in the movies.


If you’d never seen an ant in person and only experienced these insects as they are displayed in movies, then you would have an inaccurate idea of what they look like. When movie creators use ants as characters, they try to make the ants look as human as possible, which results in an inaccurate representation of the insect’s body structure.

Many movies often show ants as having only four limbs. Real-life ants have six appendages, which is what makes them insects. Similarly, the proportions of ant body sections are often altered to make them appear more human-like. Also, animated movies commonly show ants as having human eyes, when the eye structure of ants is wildly different from that of people.

Spot Real Ants in Your Home

As you can now see, the way ants are depicted in movies is vastly different from how they are in real life. The next time you see a movie featuring ants, take everything on the screen with a grain of salt.

While ants can make for great movie characters, they can be extremely annoying when present in your home. If you suspect you’re experiencing an ant infestation, it’s crucial to get assistance and advice from a pest control professional. Your pest professional can help you find the vulnerable points in your house that led to the infestation and can give you tips for keeping ants out of your home.