If you’re like most parents, you want to give your children a fun and educational hobby, which is why many people put ant farms in their home. Ant farms have been around for decades, and are a popular with children and families with a love of nature.

However, if you’re concerned about keeping insects and pests out of your home, then you might be wondering if purchasing an ant farm, despite its educational value, is a good idea. Learn more about ant farms, and find out if the reward of this hobby outweighs its risks.

How Ant Farms Work

Image via Flickr by KyleAlbert95

An ant farm is a tool that will allow you and your children to view the world of ants up close and personal. Generally, an ant farm is contained in a clear piece of plastic and includes a small ant colony. With an ant farm, you can take a closer look at how ants build their colonies and interact with each other.

Because an ant farm is a contained environment, you will need to provide the ants with food if you want the farm to thrive. However, other than providing food and water, your ants will not need any other care.

Are Ant Farms a Good Idea?

As mentioned, ant farms can be very educational, helping children learn more about nature and how these common insects behave. Even adults may find ant farms interesting. However, bringing an ant farm into your home is not without risks.

Ant farms are extremely safe if properly maintained, but this can be difficult if you’re buying an ant farm for small children. If your child knocks the farm over, or wants to take the ants out to get a better look, you may end up with an ant infestation. Consider the age of your children and if they will be able to properly care for the ant farm.

Which Type of Ant Farm Should You Choose?

While shopping for your ant farm, you might be surprised to learn that they are available in a large variety. The most common type of ant farm is filled with sand, which will easily allow your ants to create tunnels. However, once these tunnels have been formed, you cannot move your ant farm, as doing so may cause the tunnels to collapse.

Many people now choose to purchase gel ant farms. These types of ant farms are made of a space-age gel that provides the ants with both water and nutrients. A gel ant farm requires almost no maintenance and will let you and your family observe the world of ants without having to interfere.

Pest Control Help

If you choose to add an ant farm to your home, you should be prepared for the possibility that your ants will escape and cause an infestation. If this occurs, you need to be sure to get help from a reliable pest control company.

A pest control company can help you protect your home from infestations, and may be able to advise you if an ant farm is a good or bad idea.