Whether you have children who are learning about ants or you’re simply fascinated by these tiny creatures, there are plenty of books about ants out there that are worth reading. The next time you’re searching for an informative or fun tale about ants, check out a few of these top books.

Ants of Florida: Identification and Natural History

Image via Flickr by Bulldog Pottery – Bruce Gholson and Samantha Henne

With 239 known species of ants in the state, Florida might just lead the country in diversity of ants. Whether you live in the state or you’re simply interested in learning more about the species that reside there, “Ants of Florida: Identification and Natural History” by Dr. Mark Deyrup is an excellent resource. In the book, you’ll find the common and scientific name of every ant found in Florida. The book also offers information about their appearance, behavior, natural history, taxonomy, and distribution.

Two Bad Ants

Written and illustrated by children’s author Chris Van Allsburg, “Two Bad Ants” follows the adventures of two greedy ants that stay behind in a sugar bowl after their friends leave to go back to the ant hole. Mishaps ensue when they’re dumped into boiling coffee, heated in a toaster, swirled in a garbage disposal, and even zapped in an electrical outlet. When the ant troop returns to get more sugar, the two bad ants are happy to rejoin the group and head back to the orderly life of the ant hole.

Hey, Little Ant

In “Hey, Little Ant” by Phillip and Hannah Hoose, a little boy is about to squish an ant when the ant suddenly turns to him and starts talking. The ant asks the boy not to step on him because he has a family and community that depend on him. The boy argues that the ant is too small to have feelings and is a thief that steals food. The book ends by asking: “What do you think that kid should do?” This opens up the opportunity for parents to discuss empathy and mercy with their children.

Adventures Among Ants: A Global Safari With a Cast of Trillions

Known for his years of studying ants at institutions such as Harvard, Berkeley, and the Smithsonian, Mark Moffett brings his knowledge to “Adventures Among Ants: A Global Safari With a Cast of Trillions.” In this book, you’ll learn fascinating facts about ants, such as some ants have air conditioning systems in their nests, ants invented slavery before humans, and worker ants follow their own traffic rules when they’re walking their busy routes.

Are You an Ant?

Children who love to learn about ants will enjoy the inside look of an ant’s life in “Are You an Ant?” by Judy Allen. The book explores what ants eat, how they create and maintain their nests, and how they take care of their babies. Children can compare their lives to the life of an ant and see how they’re similar and different.

If you’re looking for some great books about ants for different age levels, make sure you explore some of these entertaining options.