If you’re like many people, then you’ve always dreamed of having superpowers. While superpowers may be impossible for humans, there is one insect species that does have incredible abilities: ants. Ants are capable of amazing feats that humans could only dream about.

Learning about a few of these abilities can help you understand why ants are such an interesting insect species.

Super Strength

Super strength is one of the most common superpowers for comic book heroes. Interestingly, ants are capable of amazing feats of strength that would be unbelievable when performed by a human. Ants have extremely thick muscles, giving them proportional strength that is greater than almost any other species on the planet.

For instance, some ant species are capable of lifting up to 50 times their own weight. If humans possessed muscles similar to ants, we could lift cars over our heads.

Image via Flickr by USDAgov

Super Hearing

Another ability ants have that would be a superpower for humans is heightened hearing. Unlike human hearing, which is extremely limited due to the structure of our ears, ants hear using vibration. Ants’ feelers can detect vibrations in the ground. This means ants can hear things that are happening far from their actual location.

Not only does this allow ants to more effectively interact with their environment, it also helps protect them from predators.

Leaping Tall Plants at a Single Bound

There are countless species of ants in the world, many of which have abilities that would definitely qualify as a superpower. For example, there is one ant species known as the trap-jaw ant that possesses the most powerful jaw of almost any animal in the world.

The trap-jaw ant can close their jaws at a tremendous speed of 143 mph. In addition to being the fastest movement of an animal or insect on Earth, this powerful jaw action causes the trap-jaw ant to shoot several feet into the air, which would be like a human being jumping miles.

Fire Power

Nearly everyone is familiar with the painful bite of the fire ant. However, contrary to what you might believe, the reason their bite is so painful isn’t due to their jaws, but because a toxic chemical they secrete. While biting, a fire ant injects an alkaloid venom into their victim. In addition to serving as an attack mechanism, the venom of the fire ant is used to clear plants for their colony.

So, in a certain way, fire ants have the ability to breathe fire.

Keep Ants Out of Your Home

Clearly, ants are some of the most incredible insects in the world, possessing abilities that humans would consider to be superpowers. However, despite their incredible abilities, no one wants ants in their home. Anyone that wants to limit their risk of experiencing an ant infestation needs to hire a professional pest control service.

Pest control professionals understand ants, including the abilities that make them a major risk to homeowners. Consulting with a pest control professional means making your home more secure from ants and protecting your family from these super-powered insects.